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Nature by NH is managed by NHospitality which focuses on the Hospitality along with Health & Wellness.

About NHospitality


NHospitality is a global hospitality management & consulting company which focuses on hospitality industry which consists of hotels and all the related services such as health & wellness along with travel & tourism sector.  Following are the fields of its operation:

Hospitality management & Consultancy

Hotel management & Consultancy

Human resource & Event Management Consultancy

Travel – Tourism & Consultancy

Roomsnh.com – Ecommerce & Online Management

Nature by NH – health & healing

General Trading licensed in UAE

NHospitality executive team understands the customer requirements and their challenges, to Fulfill their requirement with very high customer satisfaction. NHospitality started its operation in 1993 from Dubai, UAE.  Since then it has grown into an international company with its Presence in UAE and India and it plans to expand in Europe and Asia. The company is driven by experienced professionals in each of its field of operation.

“Everything we do in hospitality “Since our experience drives your success


About Nature by NH


Nature by NH, health & healing operation caters for the wellness, healthy body & mind for peace to enhance the customer ‘s needs.  It is based on the inspiration from nature & Ayurveda with ancient Indian methods.

Therapy along with the massages & healing are based on authentic natural healing methods found in traditional well-being practices shared by many Asian cultures. They are performed by the professional therapist under the supervision of Ayurveda experts.

Your therapy & healings can be customized according to your personal health & wellness goals. The therapy and healings are performed meeting the international standards in a luxurious ambience.

Nature by NH will exceed your expectations. Enjoy a wide range of therapy & treatments including luxurious massages, rejuvenating facials, detox massages and special packages for couples and families.

Our facilities have exclusive private treatment rooms for men & women. Our therapists and Ayurveda Experts are highly qualified with intensive experience.

With our Ayurveda specialist, we customize your requirement using ancient Asian natural healing philosophies derived from the natural elements of Ayurveda, leading to  physical & spiritual benefits,

With the finest products of nature and authentic delicacies, we have got a very good customer feedback and reputation.

Find peace of mind and body during your visit to the nature by Nature by NH and let your worries melt away.

“Health for all is our goal – Everything we do in hospitality “Since our experts drives your success.


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